5 Hot Tips for Hiring Neon Signs

Updated: 2 days ago

It’s the start of 2021 and we have everything crossed that this year looks a lot less hectic than 2020 - and by less hectic I mean less staying at home binging Tiger King, spending countless hours on video calls, and getting excited to get dressed to leave the house to go to the supermarket.

'30 Baby' neon lights
Our new '30 Baby' neon lights

To kick off this new year of opportunities we are excited to launch our new range of neon lights for hire. During the countless hours spent last year on Instagram and Pinterest (seriously, so many hours) we realised that neon lights are so on trend and are becoming more and more popular for events. We just knew we had to have them as part of our hire options.

We now have over 15+ custom-made neon lights for hire. Everything from the classic ‘21’ and ‘Let’s Party’ to the more bespoke ‘Talk Thirty to me’, ‘Forever and Always’, and '30 Baby'. Neon lights look amazing as part of a backdrop, especially when paired with a flower wall or flower garland stand. They’re so Instagramable it’s ridiculous - they are literally all over influencer and celebrity feeds right now. Channel the glam by hiring neon lights for your next event!

Big Light Letter’s 5 Hot Tips for Hiring Neon Lights:

  1. Choose the right style of neon to match your personality and event styling - For milestone birthdays, we have bold block neons versus more romantic cursive script neons - which one you choose will depend on what other styling features you have at your event and which best matches your own personal style.

  2. Think about how and where your neon light will hang - If there is a wall with a hook handy then that’s fabulous but if not, you might want to consider also hiring one of our circular mesh stands or flower walls which are free-standing to hang your neon on. They’re also a great way to cover a boring wall or make a neutral space look more interesting.

  3. Place the neon somewhere where it will be possible to take photos - Our neon lights are the ultimate photo backdrop so you’re going to want to make sure there’s enough space for 2-5 people to fit near the neon for a photo. We recommend an open space that is out of the way of foot traffic. We also offer a large ring light as an optional add-on which really lights up the photo space.

  4. Pick what colour you will have your neon set to - All our neons come with a remote control to change the colour instantly. You can match the neon to suit your event colour scheme or if you’re not sure what colour you want, you can always play with the settings to find the perfect hue.

  5. Don’t forget power! - Our final hot tip is to make sure there is power nearby to fire that baby up. Our neon lights can be plugged into a single normal power outlet, so as long as there is one close by or we can run an extension cord then happy days.

Forever and always neon light
Our stunning 'Forever and always' neon light - perfect for weddings, engagement parties, and anniversaries.

How to hire neon lights?

We have already had a huge response of people wanting to book our neon lights which is amazing. All our neon lights can be hired for $200 per neon (including GST), including delivery within 100km of Brisbane CBD, set-up, and pick-up. See more info on neon hire here. You can secure your booking for neon lights instantly online with only a 20% deposit so get amongst it to get your date locked and loaded for 2021.

We hope that you all have the best year and that your 2021 events are spectacular (and, you know, that you can actually have guests!!). We can’t wait to help you rock the big lights again in 2021 and now bring the neon goodness.