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Quality-made light up letters for your business, school, or University.

Looking to purchase light up letters? Big Light Letters offer giant LED numbers and letters for sale throughout Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Northern NSW.

If you're a business that hosts a large number of branded events each year or have an office space that could use brightening, then giant light up letters are the perfect way to promote your company name or brand.

Giant marquee letter lights are a great way to grab people's attention and create a stunning visual presence. Not only do they look amazing in photos, but they also serve as a form of essential marketing for your business that can be re-used for events and promotions for years to come.

Light up letters are also the perfect addition to annual school or University events. Putting your school name or acronym up in lights is are a fun way to show off your school pride and ensure that your school name is front and centre for photos.


Save money long term by buying rather than hiring. You can use them as part of a photo booth backdrop for a formal or ball, on stage for graduations or awards nights, or use them in an outdoor area as a photo moment for school athletics days. 

Wholesale light up letters from Big Light Letters are quality made, built to last, versatile, and safe (EESS compliant).


  • Available in standard sizes 40cm, 60cm and 1.2m (other sizes may be available on request)

  • Professionally made and built to last

  • Precision steel fabricated

  • Pearl white powder coat finish

  • Comes standard with warm white LED bulbs

  • Comes with removable and adjustable stands

  • Remote control LED coloured bulbs available on request


Price available on application only. Includes gst and delivery/shipping. Contact us today for a quote at

How to order

Our range of wholesale marquee letters are manufactured in batches (approx. 2-3 orders per year). The lead time from start to completion can be up to 6 months so we recommend contacting us as early as possible to avoid disappointment. 

NOTE: Big Light Letters only supply wholesale event letters to businesses, schools, charities, Universities, and residential customers for private use only.


Promote your school or business brand with LED letter lights that are quality made, safe and built to last. 

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