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Christmas Party Styling Tips

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

The festive season is upon us so if you haven't already got your Christmas ducks in a row yet - we have compiled our top 2021 Christmas Party styling tips to give your event the WOW factor.

Christmas parties are the ultimate excuse to suit up and get a little bit fancy while celebrating the year that was. Don't let all that pizzazz go to waste! Big Light Letters hire all the light up letters, light up numbers, flower walls, and shimmer walls you need to make this years' Christmas party one to remember. Our three top tips? Atmosphere, Lighting, and Photos.

1. Atmosphere


Setting the tone of the event is important. Is it bold and bright or subtle and sophisticated? Sometimes less is more, which is why giant light up letters can make either the perfect ambient background or statement feature-piece depending on their placement.

1.2m XMAS light up letters can be used as either a subtle or a bold decoration at your Christmas party depending on where they are placed (pictured: ambient light from XMAS light up letters at Crystalbrook Vincent)


Everyone loves a good party theme! Enhance your chosen colour scheme, genre, or theme with light up letters. Not only will your guests be dazzled as they enter the party, but the photo opportunities are endless.

Enhance your event theme and engage your guests with 1.2m light up letters (pictured: BLANC light up letters at UQ for a white-outfit themed party)

2. Lighting


Light up letters and numbers are a fun, creative way to add some extra light to your event and amaze your guests. Perfect either on stage, as part of a photo backdrop, or as a feature piece, life-size event letters brighten any room like nothing else. They just give the event a little something something extra.

You could have the numbers 2021 or 21.. the word XMAS or CHRISTMAS.. or even your company name or acronym (pictured: TP21 light up letters/numbers at Torres Property Award evening at Byblos Bar)


Who said lighting had to be boring or that colour was only reserved for streamers and balloons? With the optional addition of remote control coloured bulbs, you can add some extra WOW with multi-coloured light up letters or numbers.

Choose from any colour of the rainbow! If you're feeling particularly festive you could have your lights in red, green, gold or any combination of them all (pictured: 2021 light up numbers at a school end of year function at Victoria Park)

3. Photos


Allow a dedicated space for taking photos. Hiring a photo backdrop flower wall or shimmer wall is the perfect way to allocate space to photos, especially if it is positioned near the entry so people can take photos on arrival (you know, before the champagne).

Hire one of our shimmer wall or flower wall backdrops for those all-important snaps! You bring the backdrop, your team bring the poses (pictured: Chrome Black Shimmer Wall)


But first, let me take a selfie. We all know that the right lighting can make or break photos so if your venue has dim, moody lighting and you need a bit of extra brightness, add a ring light to your backdrop booking.

Add one of our adjustable ring lights to your backdrop booking for perfect photo lighting (pictured: Chrome Black Shimmer Wall, 1.2m 2021 Light Up Numbers, and Ring Light)


ABOUT US: Big Light Letters are Brisbane's top-rated professional light up letter hire company, hiring from the Sunshine Coast, to the Gold Coast and everywhere in between. Hire your ultimate photo party backdrop from us for your next event! Easily check availability and book online here or contact us today to discuss how we can help take your event to the next level.

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